What We Offer

  • Spa, Salons & Medi-Spas turn to GoLoyal for a full service email program featuring email newsletters, promotions, tidbits, service provider highlights and much more. Sending monthly emails helps boost repeat business.

  • Tanning Salons partner with GoLoyal to feature monthly email promotions, tips, and additional features. Keeping in front of your clients in-season and off-season is critical to the success of each tanning salon.

  • Retail & Service emails offer exclusive savings and special events. Email surveys can be used to help shape future promotions and gauge interest in new products or services.

  • Restaurant & Bar emails are very important to generate return visits. Featuring seasonal menus and special items entice customers to try new foods. Target loyal customers with coupons and specials, and send absent customers a welcome back discount.

  • Manufacturing emails allow you to feature new products and provide your clients with links to online catalogs. Present popular products and track which items generate the most interest.

  • Dealers & MLM emails help you promote to your existing customers and help you build your sales force. Trigger based emails are used to sort and funnel targeted messages to your audience.

Clients are Our Business

GoLoyal builds long-lasting relationships.

GoLoyal's full service email marketing program has been assisting clients from manufacturers, distributors, service companies, salons and spas, tanning salons, restaurants, music groups and many other sectors. We are excited to help other customers realize the incredible return on their investment when utilizing our email marketing program. Take a closer look at some of our customers. These eye appealing emails will drive your current customers back to your business. GoLoyal is able to design custom email templates for each client. Each client also has the flexibility to design their own layouts and provide their own content for their email messages.

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