What We Offer

  • Email Marketing is an attractive marketing strategy for all businesses as it allows them to quickly, easily, and cheaply engage their most loyal customers.

  • Social Media Marketing offer businesses a faster means to reach their target audiences and grow their contacts. Similar to email marketing it has the potential to attract repeat business.

  • Website Design is important for defining your online presence. Websites are a must for every business in today's fast paced world. Web design plays a vital role in the sale and promotions of your business's services.

Wide Range of Services

GoLoyal takes full service email marketing one step further with the use of several automatic and social media programs.

GoLoyal's core email marketing program includes the following services:

Forward to a Friend: This feature enables your customers to forward the email offer to their friends and family increasing your exposure.
Website Links/Integration: Each monthly email that gets sent will have a link to your website where your customers can click and get detailed information on your business. GoLoyal can create an "email-version" of your website, including importanat navigation and quick links to gift cards and e-commerce.
Customized Emails: GoLoyal has a design staff responsible for producing professional looking and eye-appealing email. Our staff will design an email template specifically for your line of business, extending your brand-image and creating consistency month after month.
Email Personalization: Each monthly email will be personalized with an individual’s name which will create a one to one relationship between your business and your customer base. Other information you collect from your customer can be used in emails to further increase the level of personalization.
Website Sign-Up: When an individual visits your website there will be an area where they can opt-in to your monthly email program. Once the individual signs up, their information is automatically sent to the GoLoyal system and they will be included in all future email blasts.

GoLoyal has a number of add-on services available for you to customize your marketing solution to meet yoru needs. Please click on the services below to read more.

Welcome / Birthday Messages
Event Triggered Messaging
Facebook Fan Program and VIP Subscription Form
GoLoyal Dealer Channel Sales Co-Branded Email Programs
GoPASS Automatic Resend Program
Auto-Reply Emails